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Album Details

Produced by: Darren Farnsworth

Engineered by: Wes Johnson

Mixing Engineer: Wes Johnson

Mastering: Wes Johnson

Record Label: Recording Club

Imagine cruising down a sun-drenched highway, windows down, with this soulful anthem playing. "Helping Hand" by J-Rad Cooley and The/Theys blends bluesy grit with Lionel Richie's “Easy” (like Sunday morning) vibes. Warm Rhodes piano and Hammond B3 organ lay the foundation, while a laid-back groove invites you in. J-Rad's soulful vocals deliver a powerful message: "I'm gonna be a sweet friend, a helping hand." It's not just a promise, it's an uplifting anthem asking, "What would you do to help a friend in need?" This collaboration transcends specific genres, offering timeless comfort and encouragement with a touch of bluesy honesty. It's a feel-good track that celebrates community and reminds us that even when facing bad times, a helping hand is always within reach.

Recorded live at Archive Recordings on August 24th & 25th of 2023.

Vocals: J-Rad Cooley
Backup Vocals: Sarah DeGraw
Hammond Organ: Scott Seibert

Guitar: Purple
Piano: Blue
Drums: Green
Percussion: Red
Bass: Orange

Written by: J-Rad Cooley
Album cover: J-Rad Cooley