A: Wes Johnson has years of experience producing, Recording, Mixing Punk, Hardcore, Metal, outlaw Country, and any experimental music.
A: Most records can be done in 10-30 days and EP’s can be done in 4-10 days, singles take anywhere form a day to 3 days, please contact us for quotes.
A: No, if recording at Archive mixing is the same rate as our day rate, most albums recorded at Archive take 3-5 days to mix, please be sure to schedule enough time in your session for mixing in addition to recording. I can also mix records and EPs recorded at other approved studios, see the book us page for more info.
A: YES! We buy all of these beautiful instruments so you can use them. Let us know ahead of your session which drums, guitars, and any other instruments of ours that you want to use.
A: yes, but please contact us for info.
A: Currently not at this time.
A: We would prefer if you don’t, Our Control room is on the smaller side so it gets cramped quickly and also work tends to get done quicker without distractions.