Thanks for a great 2015!

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I would like to thank all of the bands, artist’s, and individulas that contributed to Archive Recordings in 2015, thank you so much for your support and coming into the studio to be creative and having us record your music, it has meant the world to us. Here is a list of the amazing artist’s and bands that came into the studio this year.

Heartless Breakers
Red Dog Revival
The Damn Handsomes
Atris – Ogden, UT
Cult Leader
Vincent Draper
Anger Bones
The Infernal
First daze
The Light Upon Darkness
Bullets & Belles
The Wild War
Charles Ellsworth
The Wasatch Fault
Traveler’s Cold
American Mouth
Dr. Bob
Dan Fletcher
Jacket Weather
Meldrum House
PushKart Champions

I also want to thank the following people for all of the behind the scene stuff that is involved with running a studio including Matt Mascarenas for helping me with marketing, Tosha Gerber for helping me put together an amazing looking shelf for the effects pedals and helped clean and organize, Andy Patterson for being a rad dude to share a studio with, Steven Valamor for interning, Andrew Mastroni for helping put together operational plans. Daniel Garica, Jeff Adams, And Mike Green for putting together the new website.

Without all of the bands, artists, and individuals listed above it would not be possible to make this a reality. once again thank you all for such great year!

Wes Johnson

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