Cult Leader “Nothing for us here” Deathwish Records 2014 R/M/MA

Cult Leader “useless Animal” Deathwish Records 2015 MA

Sleeping Weather “I was Just on My Way Out” Suburban Home Records 2014 R/M/MA

Sleeping Weather “Disconnect” 2012 R/M/MA

Heartless Breakers “The Great Giveback” Animal style Records 2015 R

Heartless Breakers “Lighter Doses” R/M/MA 2014

RILE “Destructive Patterns” 2013 Recorded at Praire Sun Studios in Cotati CA. Mix and

mastered at Archive Recordings.

Hemwick “Involuntary Unearthing” R/M 2015

Band Of Annuals “live Warehouse EP” 2006 R/M/MA

Vincent Draper and the Dirty Thirty “SAM” 2012 R/M

Vincent Draper and Charles Ellsworth “Salt Lake City: A Love Story” 2013 R/M

Charles Ellsworth “Live at the State Room” 2014 R/M/MA

The Wild War “ep” 2015 R/M

Son Of Ian “Overcome” R 2015

Son Of Ian “Good Morning September” 2012 R

Trenton McKean “Ides of The Dark Monsoon” 2013 M/R

ANGER BONES “Self Titled EP” 2015 R/M/MA

The Damn Handsomes “Cold” 2014 R/M/MA

The Damn Handsomes “In my Skin” single. 2015 R/M/MA

Hung Ups “Love Sick” 2015 R/M/MA

Hung Ups “Against The Wall” 2014 R/M/MA

Hung Ups “Dawn of The Deadbeats” 2011 R/M/MA

The Hung Ups “Self Titled” 2010 R/M/MA

The Light Upon Darkness “2 song demo” R/M/MA 2015

Sights “This is Sounder” 2014 R/M/MA 2014

Sights “Die Young” 2015 R

Atris “self title LP” R/M?MA

new.body.electric “Self Titled” 2013 R/M/MA

Anthropology “Anthology” 2014 R/M/MA

Secret Abilities “Rise From Your Grave” 2012 R/M/MA

Secret Abilities Danger Button “The Gat Doh­Git spilt” 2014 R/M/MA

I.A.T. “Self Titled” 2015 R/M

ATRIS “Self Titled Full length” 2015 R/M/MA

Year of The Wolf “FULL LENGTH” 2013 R/M/MA

Red Dog Revival “Get What You Want” 2015 R/M/MA

Treehouse Knowing we’ll never grow up “spilt 7 inch” 2013 R/M/MA

Knowing we’ll Never Grow Up “I think I hate myself” 2012 R/M/MA

Twin Plus “self titled” 2011 R/M/MA

Mason Jones & Spooky Moon “Wildfire Spilt” 2011 R

The Chevalier “Self Titled” 2011 R/M/MA

Daisy & The Moonshines 2011, R/M/MA

Budnick “self titled” 2012 R/M/MA

Fox Van Cleef “Prescription Tea Party” 2011 R/M

Fox Van Cleef “Pleasure Junkies” 2010 R/Mixed at counterpoint studios.

Fox Van Cleef “Cigarettes,Terrorism, ETC.” 2009 R/M

Mayson Lee & the Rock & Roll Space Studs “The Filthy Touch EP” 2011 R/M/MA

Storming Stages and Stereos “Surviving Your Reflection” 2011 R/M/MA

Shocktroopers “Self­titled LP” 2011 R/M/MA

Knifeshow “Exoskeleton” 2010 R/M

Feed Me to the Forest “I’m Not a Zoologist” 2010 R/M/MA

The Lionelle “Shipwreck” 2010 R, Mixed at counterpoint studios.

The Lionelle “Oh, The Company that we Keep” 2007 R, Mixed at counterpoint


The Lionelle “The Little Bee EP” 2006 R/M/MA

Jacket Weather “Self Titled” 2008 R/M/MA

Jacket Weather, The Highwire Act, I Hear Sirens “3 way spilt” 2009 R/M/MA jacket

weather, M/MA high wire act, MA I hear sirens

My Valkyrie “self titled” 2006 R/M/MA

Chaz Prymek “everything is wrong, everything is fine” R/M/MA

Kid Theodore “Hello Rainey” M

Chanticleer the Clever Cowboy “Live at Slowtrain” 2006 R/M/MA

The Alliance “Prelude to Disaster” 2007 R/M/MA

And Embers Rise “We All Burn” 2008 R/M/MA

Swagger “Trouble on The Green” 2008 R/M/MA

Swagger “The Grave” 2010 R/M/MA

Knights of the Apocalypse “The Battle Begins” 2007 R/M/MA

Darling, You Should be Ashamed “Nostalgia” 2007 R/M/MA

Darling, You Should be Ashamed “The Weight of Days” 2008 R/M/MA

Allred “All we Are” 2010, R