About Archive Recordings

Wes Johnson founded Archive Recordings back in 2005 with band mates Jeff Adams and Ryan Cron, together they started recording and producing records for their fellow Salt Lake City bands. Over the years Wes has worked on over 400 different projects all ranging from full Lengths, EP’s, singles, demo’s, writing sessions, and live recordings. In addition Wes has also been an intern and assistant at the late Praire Sun Recordings in Cotati CA in 2013, got Pro Tools certified in 2006, worked as runner, production assistant, and live sound engineer for United concerts from 2010-2016, and has toured the world with Cult leader as their FOH engineer. All of this experience gives Wes ample knowledge in not just the art of making records but also can relate and camaraderie with anyone in the crazy world of music. Currently Wes is using all of his previous experience on helping DIY Punk, hardcore, Indie and outlaw country bands make the best records they can, from the very beginning phases of pre-proctuion to dialing in the final mix , Wes can help elevate your craft to be portrayed exactly how you hear it in your head.