About Archive Recordings

Archive Recordings has been an integral part of the Utah music community since 2006. Wes Johnson and his crew of engineers, interns, and office manager strive to provide the best environment for bands, artists, and businesses alike to be creative and productive as possible. Our facilities have the ability to accommodate everyone from the loudest of metal to softest of acoustic music. 

Archive Recordings cover all recording mediums from Pro Tools HDX system to our Vintage MCI JH24 tape machine, providing the best combination of old and new recording methods to meet your end goal and vision of how you want your recordings to sound.

Archive Recordings is located in North Salt Lake City, just six miles north of downtown Salt Lake City and six miles from SLC international Airport and have ample parking. Our amenities include a full kitchen, private office, private bathroom.

We offer the following services, we can offer all of these for a project or just one, so let us know what you are wanting us to help you with.

PRODUCING-Producing entails helping with decisions on song structure, what tempo the song should be recorded at, additional instrumentation, deciding how and if a song should be recorded with or without a metronome, if it should be multi-tracked, or live tracked, assistance with what drum sounds, bass sounds, guitar or key sounds should be used and anything else that the song or songs would need to be the best they could be.

RECORDING/ENGINEERING-This is process of recording involves choosing the proper microphones and microphone placements along the the proper level and any other EQ or processing to get the desired sound reproduced through our monitor system.

EDITING-This is where we can choose between different takes, edit drums, tune vocal performances, and any other editing the needs to be done to best get the vibe and taste that the client is aiming for.

MIXING-Mixing is taking all the tracks that have been recorded and blending the levels,  EQ, processing , and effects to make the song flow from beginning to end.

MASTERING-Mastering happens when you get the mix bounced down to a stereo track, and then do final EQ, Compression, limiting, and dithering in aim to have a good sounding master across many different playback mediums. 

RE-AMPING- If you happen to like to record guitars or bass at home, send us your unprocessed 24bit files and we can reamp them through our many world class amps, we can even reamp drums and vocals through our PA to get a more lively room sound.

REMOTE RECORDING-We can multitrack your live show with our mobile Pro Tools setup, doing this takes a-lot of planning and coordinating with whatever venue the performance is taking place so be sure to contact us well in advance. We also mix tracks back at the studio after the performance date.