Archive Recordings studio was built from the ground up with one goal in mind — to provide the ultimate creative space for all artists alike. Archive Recordings live room is comfortable and inspiring, designed specifically to capture your sound in the best way possible. In addition, Archive Recordings provides a variety of well-maintained gear an instruments, impressive microphone collection, and extremely competitive rates. Contact us today to schedule a studio tour. 

Our Trident 80B console is a classic British sounding desk. Originally built in 1984, this desk has an impressive of history and excellent sound. It has gone through a extensive overhaul that included re-capping every input, monitor, and master section as well as adding phantom power to every input model and replacing the power to use a brand new GRS system. The entire patch-bay has been re-worked and soldered. And to top it off, we added a custom purple audio 2-bus modification. 

Archive Recordings is located in North Salt Lake City, just six miles north of downtown Salt Lake City and six miles from SLC international Airport. We have plenty of parking vehicles.  Our amenities include in-house apartment, full kitchen, private office, private bathroom for clients.