Based in Salt Lake City, Archive Recordings has honed our reputation as a go-to studio for full-time Indie, Punk, Metal, and Outlaw Country artists since 2006.   We're not here to polish your sound to fit some corporate mold. We're here to crank up your raw, rebellious spirit, helping you craft your unfiltered ideas into music that rocks the system. Archive Recordings is specifically designed for the professional, full-time musician who is serious about their craft. Our facility, services, and equipment are tailored to meet the demands and standards of those who make music their life's work. Our commitment is to provide the ideal space for creativity and productivity, a secluded environment where artistic integrity is valued above all else.  Our facilities include a full kitchen, private office, private bathroom, and safe parking for your tour van and trailer — everything you need to keep the creative juices flowing. We offer a Pro Tools HDX system, ready to capture your tracks and enhance your artistic vision. Archive Recordings also offers an array of services customized for your unique needs, including meticulous editing, dynamic mixing, mastering, re-amping, remote recording, and specialized producing services. With our hands-on approach, we're committed to enhancing your arrangements, instrumentation, and sound texture, capturing the vibe and taste you're aiming for. We’re located a short 5 minute drive from downtown and 6 miles from the Salt Lake City International Airport, offering a perfect blend of privacy, security, and convenience. Let’s make music that shakes the core of its listeners. Your sound, your rules — welcome to Archive Recordings.

Archive Recordings is located in North Salt Lake City, just six miles north of downtown Salt Lake City and six miles from SLC international Airport. We have plenty of parking vehicles.  Our amenities include in-house apartment, full kitchen, private office, private bathroom for clients.